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FAQs: Field Work Term (FWT) and Career Development

  • What is Field Work Term?

  • What resources are available through the FWT Office?

  • What are the dates of FWT?

  • Are FWT jobs always related to students’ academic concentrations?

  • Is there a required amount of work time?

  • Can I work more than one job?

  • How do students find FWT jobs?

  • Can a student go abroad for FWT?

  • Can a student work for a family member or friend?

  • Can a student work for an employer not listed in the WorkLink system (our Field Work Term job database)?

  • Can FWT consist of an independent study?

  • Can FWT be completed in the summer?

  • How is FWT evaluated?

  • Can a student fail FWT?

  • How much does FWT cost?

  • Are students paid for FWT jobs?

  • Is financial aid available for FWT?

  • Can a student stay on campus for FWT?

  • What are the housing options during FWT?

  • Is the FWT & CDO open during FWT?